Create a Win-Win Solution for You and Your Students

Job competition is extremely high, which is why most graduate schools have industry partners who are willing to recruit fresh graduates. Traditionally, students explore their options by going to career fairs their school set up, but organizing fairs is time consuming and expensive. Furthermore, these job fairs lack focus and restriction such that outsiders can compete with the students. What if there were an easier way?

Introducing Career-Linked, a full-featured online graduate school career board.


Job & Resumé Search

Students and employers can filter their listings by job held, reference, job type, and location.


Content Management

Efficiently manage employer job postings as well as student resumés, work and educational experience.


Revenue Opportunities

Career-Linked helps you maximise your advertising revenues.


Account Portals

This online app includes an employee and student portal as well as a fully customizable adminstrator panel.


The Career-Linked app is an online venue where only students from your graduate school can participate in the job hunt. Industry partners’ job posts are only visible to the students.

Clear and Simple Interface

Career-Linked is created with users in mind.  With a simple and intuitive interface, anyone can use the tool.  Managing accounts and jobs is a breeze.  Add, edit, and view buttons are just a click away.  Export icons are readily visible and easy to find.  If there’s a list, then there’s a powerful search feature.  Finding job posts, job applications, students, and employers has never been this quick and simple.

This app also allows you to manage your job board pages even without any HTML knowledge.  Simply add your page and create your content with the help of a WYSIWYG editor.

Job Management

Efficiently and effectively manage job postings online.  With Career-Linked, we made sure that managing accounts and jobs should be quick and painless.  Your time is best spent teaching and learning new skills not learning how to use the system.

Each employer can sign up for their account and create job postings.  They will also be able to manage and define the status and closing date of their post.  With a powerful sort and search filter, you will be able to quickly find the job post you are looking for.

Advertisment Revenue Opportunities

This full-featured job board also allows businesses to advertise their jobs, meaning that your school can charge a fee for the advertisements turning this app as a profit center.

Student Portal

After signing up, students will be able to manage their own portal.  They can manage their resume, and create customized resumes and cover letters tailored to each job posting, and just upload it to the site.  They can sort and filter job postings by type and location.  They can also bookmark jobs to save for later.

Employer Portal

Employers can create their own account and sign in to their own portal.  From there, they will be able to create and manage their job postings.  Employers are also allowed to view student profiles and short list them.

Excellent Customer Support

Our team of professionals are committed to offering you all the help you need with regards to our software.


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